Warriors of Christ [02.26.12]

Ever thought about wanting to do something for God? Has God ever called you to do something but you chickened out because you thought you didn’t have the skills to do it? I know I have. I wanted to please God and further His kingdom but I didn’t think I was good enough and that I didn’t have the abilities to do it. I had those thoughts in my head until last year when a speaker came to my church to talk about missions. He said that God doesn’t only call people because of their ability but because of their availability. God calls people who are willing to do whatever He says. Then God will give them the abilities to do it.

┬áJeremiah 18:3-6 says, “So I went there and saw the potter working at his wheel. Whenever a piece of pottery turned out imperfect, he would take the clay and make it into something else. Then the Lord said to me, ‘Haven’t I the right to do with you people of Israel what the potter did with the clay? You are in my hands just like clay in the potter’s hands.’”

So if you’re feeling like you’re not good enough to fulfill a calling, just remember that as long as you’re willing to do it, God will give you the abilities and the strength. God is the potter and we are the clay. He will mold, shape and smooth us until we are good and useful warriors of Christ.